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Making Good Men Better, since 2000.

Gamma Beta Fraternity, Inc. is an Asian-American interest fraternity that was established Spring of 2000 at The University of Texas at Austin and colonized Spring of 2009 at the University of Houston. Gamma Beta is dedicated to the betterment of men through brotherhood, academics, and community service. Gamma Beta is the fastest growing Asian-American interest fraternities in the Southwest region and continues to set new standards of excellence on its respective campuses.

Our first priority in the founding of Gamma Beta was to create a family environment where men of any color, creed, ethnic or religious background could join and feel welcome, where they could find a home away from home. And since our beginnings we have always remembered our roots, our values and the core of our beliefsā€”the creation of an unprecedented brotherhood.

Since its inception, The Gamma Beta National Fraternity has successfully expanded to 5 other universities. And in Spring 2009, filled with the desire for something new, 9 men sought to bring a different type of brotherhood to the University of Houston.

- Charters - (Spring 2009)
John Chong
Kiefer Luong Duong
David Remanjon
Patrick Seunsom
Jonathan Shyu
Adam Sinakone
Steven Thai
Tim Tran
Ben Vo